WWDC 2007

So, once again, WWDC seemed like not that much, but the video made it better. The three topics were Leopard, Safari, and the iPhone. Leopard now sports a new interface, that looks much better than anything else available. It’s nice to see that Apple is changing things up and trying to keep it looking new. Some features that were hoped for didn’t make it, and some that did make it were rather so-so. Overall though, it does look good. You can look at it here.

The Safari update was also rather mediocre, as a 3.0 beta goes, but did have the surprise of now being available for Windows. If you are looking for an alternative to FireFox (I know none of you are using IE, right?) here is one to try.

The iPhone stuff, well, I actually skipped over. I really don’t care, as I can’t afford one, or service for one, or need one.

Tonight Jenn and I decided to try the sushi kit. It came out pretty good, but the rice wasn’t right, too glutinous. I’m not sure if I made it wrong, or if I just got the wrong rice, probably both.
Homemade sushi

Close-up of sushi

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