Happy June

So, as predicted, visit count has dropped quite a bit in the last few weeks as a result of Jenn’s IP being un-counted. I will need to find new readers.

Today, we received our new couch, loveseat, and mattress. We went shopping Tuesday and picked them out. They are very nice, you’ll have to come sit on them sometime.

Jenn received her authorization to test this week. It means that SVSU told the State of Michigan, who told the NCLEX testing board that she passed all her classes and received a degree, and they all approved and she can take her test now. When she takes it is up to her, as long as it’s within about 6 weeks to keep Spectrum happy.

I received 2 more grants today, as my final transcript was finally entered by Ferris. Still waiting for SMART Grant though. As I receive more grants and scholarships, they keep reducing my loan offers, but mostly the unsubsidized so thats OK. I would prefer if they leave my Perkin’s offer alone though, as that’s the nice one.

Last night I made a shrimp salad for dinner. Normal tossed salad mostly, but with teriyaki marinaded shrimp on top. Was pretty good, Jenn liked.

I went for another bike ride Monday, saw at least 6 canoes and 12 tubers. Told Jenn, we need to get some tubes, living right on river and all.

I tried Blue Goat from New Holland Brewing Company. It was pretty good, Jenn even liked and she tends not to enjoy beer. We are actually looking into visiting their brewery and pub in Holland sometime soonish.

Anything else…?

Don’t think so.

See you all later then.


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