Four Years

Four years. There has been good, and there has been crap. Thanks for reading through it all. It works out to about 3.6 words every hour by the way.

So, what’s been going on…

Today was sit around day, which is nice to do on a Sunday.

Yesterday Jenn and I went to Muskegon to get a book for her nursing exam from Barnes and Noble. I also picked up the Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z, both by Max Brooks, son of Mel Brooks. Of course, I then came home and found I could have ordered them from Amazon and saved $15, which is enough to cover shipping, and with gas added in even more. Still, we were going there anyway and it was a mostly fun trip.

Wednesday through Sunday was mostly picking up and moving stuff around. I went Thursday to mail my applications to the DNR because I had missed the mailman, only to get them back Friday morning due to insufficient postage, so had to go to the post office for the second day in a row to get them out.

Jenn and I went for a bike ride Friday night after dinner. We went about 3.5 miles, which isn’t much but a start, especially having left at 9 PM. We around to the White Pine Trail, over the bridge, into a city park, then back. We will maybe do more tomorrow as the wind is supposed to die down.

Once again, I waited too long to update, and that’s about all I can recall right now.

See you all in a few days…


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