The First Real Relocated Post

So, we have internet. I considered giving you a day or 2 to read the post below, but then I would forget stuff and it wouldn’t make it up. Not that there is much.

First a blog note: Ads are gone. It was going to take years to get a check, and it just wasn’t worth it. Besides, nobody likes ads. Also, the blogversary is coming up. And, I was found on google under national otter day, I love that.

I found a way down to the river finally. The problem is, having made it through the forest, I found a swamp, about 50 foot across still to cross. I turned around and went back up.

We missed all the Sunday shows, which I am very sad over. Fox is the only channel that doesn’t offer online shows. Bastards.

Last night I made yellowfin tuna, tonight was italian sausage and gnocci with tomato onion sauce (homemade sauce, of course).

I picked up the window screen today, so can clean in office without sweating hopefully now.

I have to start applying for jobs. I can’t find anything that I would really like, but have 2 that are semi interesting. May go to Manpower and MichWorks and tell them what I want, maybe they can help. Too bad no work-study until fall.

Jenn is Ok with job so far. Not saying a lot though, because is just orientation. She has learned the hell of Grand Rapids at rush hour though.

OK, thats all I got for now.


One thought on “The First Real Relocated Post

  1. Danielle Pilon says:

    two days til 4 year anniversary, very cool.
    Glad to hear you found a place, me and doug should be buying a house once I start my new job.
    Going to see pirates today with DJ and Pat, they are pretty excited, I’m hoping that the 7.25 I spent on tickets was worth it. I’ll be arriving in Bay City sometime in the afternoon on June 29th.
    I’m really excited. Hopefully I’ll get to visit with you and Jenn a bit. Otherwise, i miss you lots, and I love ya.

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