Mmm, Mr. Hot Dogs

So, the BBQ is shaping up. I have 12 confirmed, 5 maybe, and 3 I haven’t heard from. Nobody has said no yet though, which means it must be a good idea. Expected high for Sunday is now up to 62, up from 57 yesterday. Rain moved form Wednesday all the way back to Monday though, but I think it will leave us alone.

This Friday night on Jimmy Kimmel, Ferris’s Rube Goldberg team will be showing their national championship rig, with around 140 steps to juice an orange. I somehow thought it was last week, but it is in fact this coming Friday (technically Saturday morning, as after midnight).

I found this on Wikipedia

Nearly ninety percent of the black widow bites reported in the medical literature of the first 4 decades of [the twentieth] century were inflicted on the male genitalia by spiders lurking underneath the seats of outdoor toilets.

Rather scary, huh?

Only a week and a half of school now. Is really sinking in and feeling like exams are tomorrow. Right now I have a Physics test and exam next Thursday, a materials test next Wednesday, and a CNC project to finish up Monday. That’s actually not all that bad I guess.

OK, that’s all you get for now.


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