Testosteroni and Macho Cheese

I told you it wouldn’t last. Eight days, I was doing so well too.

My internet and TV are acting a little stupid tonight, but it is nearly bed time anyway.

This Friday is supposed to be tech meet-up, but I think instead I am going to have a BBQ on Sunday. Not that anybody who reads this is near enough to come, but you are invited none the less.

This is the second from last week of school. Nearly done, I can’t believe it. In January it seemed forever away, now January seems like just a week or so ago.

Easter went well. Nothing real great, but nothing bad either.

I found out I cannot register at Ferris until I speak to my advisor, however I seem to have not been assigned an advisor yet. An email has been sent and response is awaited.

OK, that is all for now. New poll soon.

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