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I just did some old post editing, so am down to 40 remaining un-re-categorized posts.

I did better on my Physics test that I though, managed an A-. My Industrial Safety grade finally posted as an A too. Right now, I have 3 As and an A-. I just might have a chance at finally making Presidents List (Perfect 4.0)!

My room still isn’t clean. It’s funny, I have been cleaning room since I started the blog 4 years ago, and have not yet finished. I think I was really close once, but I doubt it was actually clean, just really un-dirty.

I am rather tired today due to the weather reverting to being winter and a lack of sleep this week. I can sleep in tomorrow, if I get to bed on time.

I have been doing surprisingly well at posting every other day, though I am sure it wont last. I’t fun while it does though.

I am going to Alpena with Jenn Saturday for Easter, returning Sunday. My Mom mentioned cooking the turkey breast I bought for Christmas, or maybe Thanksgiving, I forget.

OK, I really didn’t have much to say, just wanted to keep up the 2 day trend and was bored.

See you all Friday maybe.


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