Ohh, A Twofer!

Is twofer a word? Oddly enough, I think so. My spell check isn’t complaining anyway.

Anyway, clicking the comment link should now open a pop-up window for you to read/leave comments.

I will, for a while anyway, try and keep polls similar to the current ones. Remember though, you can always leave poll suggestions.

On February 24th I estimated a month to make it from 5492 to 6017 visits. Well, its been over a month and am currently at 5827. So, thats a little under 100 a week, so we will guess 2 more weeks now. Maybe a prize to the 6018th who breaks the record.

I made a post to my old blogger. I partly wanted to have a link to current blog rather than dead .Mac page, and partly wanted to update after 3 years absence. I hope nobody was reading page waiting for me to update.

I got a reply on my fin-aid question to Ferris, and supposedly my additional aid is in the works. Good stuff.

I really want to hang my hammock up somewhere. What is the point in owning a hammock if you can’t hang it anywhere? I don’t really want to put holes in my walls, but not sure where I would put it at all. It could be fun to replace bed maybe?

OK, off to think up poll ideas. Need a new one by the 5th.


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