Spring Has Sprung

Well, it’s officially spring, A&W opened today. Kind of odd that they opened on a Saturday though.

I am in the process of cleaning my room up, and needed a break, and since I have been rather good at posting every other day, thought I would blog.

Apparently the poll doesn’t work under certain circumstances in IE for some reason. I made a change that maybe will help, if not I can make another. Not that I particularly care if it works in IE, since it sucks, but still.

Google says I my ad is at 235 impressions, and I have earned $0.00. I am waiting for 1000+ impressions to see what I get, and depending on that it may either stay or go.

New season of Man vs Wild supposedly begins April 6, with Survivorman coming later in the year.

I really want to go camping. If Jenn didn’t work this weekend I would have been trying to convince her. Next weekend is Easter and we are going to her parents, then the following 2 weekends are the last of the school year and will be studying and homework galore I am sure. Maybe a “We’re out of school and summer is here” trip from the 27th till whenever?

Yeah, so school is down to 4 weeks, thats 16 actual days of class, 20 classes total. Uhm, 80 hours of class time? My total time left at Delta is 88 hours total then, including my 2 hour break on Mondays.

I received my financial aid award offer from Ferris yesterday, but it was missing 1 grant that I know of, and I possibly qualify for a second. I emailed and asked, should hear back Monday or Tuesday. I also get my grade for my Industrial Safety class Tuesday, since it was an independent study and ended early in the semester. Probably find out how mad I screwed up on my Physics test too.

OK, that is all. Back to cleaning.

New poll tomorrow at Midnight, presuming I got the auto posting to finally work.


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