Ads Added

Thanks to a new feature in my poll software, I can set future polls that automatically post. I had set the next one to post at midnight on April 1, but since everyone voted already I moved it up to midnight tonight. I will begin thinking up the next poll soon.

As far as this poll, the results were yes as long as it isn’t distracting. So, I will be putting up a small ad near the bottom of the sidebar soon, maybe tonight. I will leave it for a while to see what it actually does. Google only pays out when you reach $100, so if it is going to take me several years to reach that I will probably not keep the ad.

I was going down Wilder a few days ago, and saw at a gas station that they have an electronic display for the price of regular out on the street sign, but the plastic numbers for mid and premium. Why? They all change at the same time, always $0.10 from each other. How is it any easier to change 2 prices with their long poll than 3? Isn’t the whole point of switching to electric display so you don’t need to go out and change the prices? I have seen this at several stations, and it just confounds me.

OK, thats all for tonight.

Next time, uhm, I can’t remember.
Bike Racing and Survival shows I think. TV stuff, I am pretty sure of that.

One thought on “Ads Added

  1. Sarah says:

    hey hey… my poll vote again – it’d be no (probably the middle choice). On another note, I hope all is well – let me know when you dudes are moving to Big/Grand Rapids and stuff.

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