Grand Rapids and St. Patrick’s Day

Lets begin with the poll. You have thankfully voted for the easier options, though deleting old polls was a rhetorical option and would never happen, so a page under info wins by a landslide 100% of the votes. I will begin my edits this weekend I believe, or maybe tomorrow afternoon, not sure yet.

The weekend in Grand Rapids. Jenn’s interview went well, and she learned some good info at the job fair. We did some shopping and even some buying, though the buying may have been a little more than it should have been.

On Friday we went to Rudy J’s for my monthly Library breakfast, though it was only 5 people including Jenn and Beth’s husband, so really 3. Once in GR, we went to our hotel and Jenn left for her interview. When she returnded we decided to go shopping and eat. As soon as we went over the overpass I recognized it as where Scott’s sister and boyfriend had taken us when we brought her the couch. So we went to eat at Carrabba’s, which was really good, and decided to go back to the hotel for a while before shopping. Later that night, we finally went shopping, but after about an hour in the mall bought nothing. There was lots I wanted to buy, but I didn’t.

Saturday Jenn went to the job fair and when she got back we checked out and went across to Kentwood, and did a little more shopping there. We had lunch at BD’s then both succumbed to buying at Nordstrom’s, I got a pair of shoes and sandals, Jenn got a pair of shoes and a suit. After that, we headed home.

Saturday night we stopped by the American Legion beer tent downtown and had a Guinness. My mom was volunteering there all weekend, so I got a free t-shirt too. Sunday we went to the parade, but left early because it was getting rather cold.

So, after all the shopping, I am rather sure I am getting the camping fever. Almost everything I wanted to buy was somehow camping related. I could go any time, but Jenn has some problem with camping in the cold.

There was a hiccup with my graduation at Delta leading to me receiving a denied notice, but that has been ironed out. They changed several classes for my major since I applied for it, so I have like 6 substitutions and they lost track of some I guess.

And, I think that is all.

See you all next time,

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