Or Not

I wanted to update more in the last week, but I kept putting it off a few hours, and then a day, and then eventually we got here to a week later with nothing.

So, Spring Break 2007. Yeah, not that great overall.

Monday Jenn and I went to Big Rapids to look at some houses we were considering outside of Big Rapids. Overall, we found the whole area not what we expected. The few houses we did go see were surrounded by trailers, and not even nice ones, in what could best be described as a county sized mobile home park. We were getting a little car sick from making the mistake of taking M-20 in, and disgusted by what we were finding, and decided to quit looking. We did stop by Ryan’s Creek apartments, which looked really nice and was by far the top (perhaps only) contender until we found out we would be double their income limit.

The apartments we looked at in Big Rapids were kid of slummy. Like the college kids don’t care, and the landlords own too many houses to care, and the neighbors gave up too.

So, on the way back we stopped at Jays to lift our spirits. I tried on the shoes I rather liked last time we were there, and decided I didn’t actually like them, though I had been becoming more and more obsessed with getting them. So that kind of bummed me out too.

So, after lots of discussion with Jenn, we are considering (strongly) the possibility that I enroll in Ferris Grand Rapids, presuming I can take my entire program there. That would mean better job opportunities for me, better housing opportunities, and less drive for Jenn. I will be checking into that on Monday. There was also the possibility of me attempting to get into WMU also, but that is kind of drastic.

Other than that, the weekend wasn’t a whole lot of action. I got my vaccination history from the health department which I will need to send to Ferris soon, but not until I know what campus I will be attending.

We did make some really good food though. I made a chicken pot pie, semi-from scratch that was really good. Jenn made Jambalaya, that was also very good. And we learned Jenn, a semi-vegetarian, makes very good meatballs, which I thought odd.

So, that was our spring break.


One thought on “Or Not

  1. S says:

    about a month ago the picture at the top of your site stopped showing up… no matter what scheme I choose. Not sure why, but is probably just my comp.

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