Spring Break

So, I am on Spring Break for the next week. Jenn and I hope to go look at some houses around Big Rapids at some point, and she is going to a nursing conference in Lansing. I think there was more, but I don’t remember it.

I took Molly for a 4 mile walk on Wednesday. We walked all the way to Jenn’s where I planned to sit until she got out of class about an hour from then. Then a guy who works for the apartments complained to me that I can’t bring a dog in, and I didn’t really want to make it to 8 miles in a day. Lucky for Molly and I, Jenn got out early and picked us up about 15 minutes later.

Tomorrow night (Saturday) there will be a Lunar Eclipse at sunset. Viewing should be best on the East coast, as the sun will set slightly earlier there giving a bit longer observing, but should be quite acceptable here as well providing the skies are clear.

Jenn sold her iBook on eBay today, for more than we expected.

Scott, clarify please.

And, that is all. I hope to update more over break, but we will see.


p.s. Nevermind Scott, I got it.

One thought on “Spring Break

  1. Danielle says:

    I have to say, myself having a job, I now realize that I take it quite for granted.
    I love and miss you, and will see you soon, as I have just switched jobs to make more money, and the new boss will be giving me off for a weekend in about a month or so. I’ll be coming out there then. You’ll probably already have moved, though, and that sucks, but I’ll more than gleefully come see you.
    I miss and love you.

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