A Gaggle of Geese

Right now I have 5492 visits, and the former blog ended on 6017 when I took it down (but is at 6057 right now, thanks to still being on my blogger page and on google chche of the old site). So, at the current rate, I would say about a month or so to pass the old counter.

I have been doing rather well at posting once a week on Friday or Saturday, which actually isn’t that great since I should be more often, but oh well.

Speaking of Fridays, Man vs Wild is finally coming back (it was part of Survival Fridas on Discovery). They have had 2 marathons now, so new ones should be in a week or two.

I had 2 posts I was going to make this week, on what I would do if I won the lottery, and my feelings on alternative fuels, but I decided they didn’t really matter so I never posted them.

I have all my financial aid stuff into Ferris, just waiting for them to make award. That will probably be a month or so but I still check everyday. I need to get the health center form filled out still though.

I think that is about it.

See you all when I feel like it, and comment damn it!


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