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For some reason, my comment span ended. I certainly don’t mind, but its kind of odd. I received like 900 in a week or so, then nothing.

Jenn is in GR for her interview at Spectrum. Hopefully it goes well.

I have applied for 2 internships for the summer. One at Parker Hannifin and one at Federal-Mogul. I will try for more as I find them.

We had another former tech staff meeting today. almost everyone showed up, including Beth’s husband and Dan’s gf. Only Dave and Kyle missed out. Well, and Leticia who moved away and Brandon who joined the air force and is apparently stationed at Applebee’s, but they weren’t invited.

The League of Michigan Bicyclists released their 2007 schedule, and the One Day Ride Across Michigan will be on September 8th. Now 1, I would rather like to ride that, and 2, especially on my birthday. But, I am standing in Todd Stevens wedding that day, so I can’t, and even if I wasn’t standing I would still need to be there (not need like I have to but need like he is a friend and want to except that there is something really cool happening same day). The ODRAM is always same weekend of September though, and my birthday will surely fall on Saturday again.

I took Jenn to Kingfish for Valentine’s Day. The plan was that she wanted lobster, but they had a special 2 for $30 buffet with alot of good stuff on it. King crab legs (huge), broiled fish, ribs, cocktail shrimp (also huge), roast beef, roast pork, mashed potatoes, and really good gravy. It was enjoyable.

Uhm, …, …, …
Ok, that’s all I guess.

See you all whenever I remember to do this again.


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