A Belated Happy 2007

Hello all, and sorry for the posting lapse, hopefully not a sign of the year to come.

OK, lots to cover, so where to start…

1. Happy New Year

Yes, though it is the 9th already, perhaps 10th or 11th by the time you read this, I haven’t said it yet so there you are. A new year’s post just wouldn’t be the same without resolutions, so lets get on with that. I learned to aim low, so I said I would buy a car, bike more, and keep up my grades. Well, I bought a car in June, I raised my GPA by 0.5 since then, and I did fairly well at biking. For next year, I propose the following:

  • Bike more
  • Keep up grades
  • Survive move and not freak out at all the changes

That would be pretty impressive.

I will post a 2006 in review next time.

2. The Gap

So, why did I not post until today? Well, Tuesday I caught one hell of a flew, becoming actually sick around 2 am Tuesday. I spent almost all day Tuesday in bed or the bathroom, getting around 20 hours of sleep. Wednesday I was supposed to go to the Christmas party for work, but thought eating wasn’t in order yet. It wasn’t until Friday I felt I was near healthy. Saturday I went to Saginaw for a family picture that my grandma wanted. Sunday I realized I had to be in school the next day and vacation was over, so I did nothing, and I have been in school since. Also complicating matters was that 20 hours of sleep I mentioned, which had me screwed up to the point of waking between 3 and 5 PM and not going to bed till between 9 AM and noon. Anyway, I was sick, lay off.

3. School

So I went at 7:30 Monday morning and set up my independent study for Industrial Safety, that took about 10 minutes and I woke up for it. At 2:00 at was back to school for physics that was quite boring, then a 2 hour break that was boring, then CNC that was boring. Hopefully that doesn’t persist. Today I had Physics, that was slightly less boring. Tomorrow I will have strengths of materials at 8, that will be very early and I predict boring, and on Thursday I have Physics again, with a good chance of boring. On the non-boring front, I managed to only need 1 book this semester. For my IS the professor borrowed me his book, in CNC we were told the book wasn’t necessary and he didn’t plan to use it (it had been assigned by the previous instructor, who isn’t teaching it anymore apparently), and in Physics I asked and was told my old book from 3 years ago would work fine.

4. MacWorld

Hmm, the first MacWorld keynote I have ever seen with no Mac introductions, disappointing. The Apple TV was released, which is cool if you have an HDTV, but would be better with a built in 802.11n router maybe, or DVR functionality. as a box for the sole purpose of streaming from my computer, why spend $299 when I can get a $29 cable to connect laptop to the TV? Hell, if I had an HDTV I could just get a DVI cable and be done. The iPhone I admit is very cool, but more than I would ever need or could ever afford.

Where was iLife, iWork, Leopard, updated computers, updated software, anything mac related? I don’t know. With Vista approaching, Apple should have had something. WWDC may have the final OS 10.5 preview, as it could land as early as May and be in time to preview Leopard and still give a 30 day shipping announcement, but otherwise some sort of “Special Event” would be necessary. I have been afraid since the iPod began to grow that Apple may start to move too far from the Mac and get over-focussed on other devices, and this mac-less MacWorld brings that fear back all too strong.

OK, thats all from me today. I will try for something during the weekend.


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