Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Mine went rather well, nothing real special, but nothing bad. Jenn has been up at her parent’s since she got out of work yesterday morning, she should be back tonight or tomorrow. I stayed here and had dinner with Mom and Chris. We had a few other people over, friends with no where else to go, so we had them.

School is winding down, just 3 weeks now. It’s nice that it is nearing done, but sucks because it really starts to get piled on about now. I have 2 take-home tests, an in-class test, a presentation, and a 3 page paper due next week. Not a huge problem, but not my idea of a fun weekend.

I am currently at work because today was either going to be really busy with all the kids out of school, or really slow with everyone shopping. So far, it is looking like the later.

Well, that’s about I have for you now. See you all later and don’t get trampled in any shopping crowds.


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