So, the millage failed. With nearly 45,000 votes cast, we managed to lose by a mere 191. So, I am unofficially unemployed now. An email was just sent out that for now, we are going to continue business as usual until the end of the year, and the library board will meet over the next 6 weeks to figure out how to operate on 40% of budget. I will ask at work tomorrow or Monday on whether or not there is a policy yet on leaving, as I wouldn’t want to leave the lab short staffed prematurely, and I am sure the same question will be on others mind, and on Monday I will be updating my profile at Delta so I can begin looking for a new work study position. I figure that is my best chance, as I will only have whatever job I find until late April or some time in May, and telling an employer you plan on quitting in 6 months or less is not a great way to get hired.

Other than that, not a whole lot. I think I have mentioned that Ferris did finally accept me, and I have paid the admissions fee and now just need to wait mostly.

I think thats all for now.


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