So, over the last week I didn’t do a whole heck of a lot. I do have Kyle’s birthday party tonight at Applebees’s which supposedly will have 30 – 35 people showing up. Not sure what the hell they are going to do with us.

I made a few site updates. I got the school section up, it is under Work. I brought back the Wayback script, so you can read year-ago posts easily from the sidebar. I re-categorized all the old iBlog Poll and Pictures posts into a new Abandoned category, since those posts don’t actually have any useful information in them, but I didn’t really want to delete them all either. Sadly, the one iBlog category I have left to go through is the General category, that has 155 posts in it. Hell, I have 417 total, that nearly half. Finally, I updated the to-do list (under info) to reflect all those changes.

I checked out a book on programming for the Mac. I honestly couldn’t believe we even had one. I am definitely feeling the cobwebs, as I haven’t had C++ in 2 years and that is about as close as I have ever got to the Objective C used for Macs, but I am doing OK so far.

So, thats what’s been going on.


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