Will This Make Me Less Wise?

Yesterday I visited the dentist because my damn wisdom tooth was bothering more this week. They took an X-Ray, poked at it a few times, and told me come back next Thursday. Finally, after 3+ years of pain, I will be rid of the damn thing. I am still nervous, as I don’t particularly enjoy dentist visits, but it will be nice to be rid of it. I am sure some other tooth will take its place in causing me misery though.

Next weekend is also the River of Time. I once again have full plans of going, even if I do hurt like all hell from a pulled tooth. I am sure kettle corn is out for this year, but some cream soda does sound good. I may have to run over to Yooperville too.

I was reading on Michigan.org that Oscoda is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the legend of Paul Bunyan this weekend. It could be something interesting to go check out.

I think if I get some time I need to do some theme editing. I have like 4 themes I rather like, but want to combine certain elements into one that I can use year round, and just change the picture at the top. For example I should be putting a more fall-like pic up there very soon.

OK, I think that’s all I wanted to say for now.


4 thoughts on “Will This Make Me Less Wise?

  1. Sarah says:

    Yooperville? Is that the pasty place? You guys have no idea what a real pasty tastes like… that place has horrible ones compared to those found deep in U.P. country. Plus, they’re supposed to be eaten with ketchup, not gravy.

  2. I have had real pasties before, though I still have to admit Yooperville is pretty good, especially since they are 200 miles closer than anywhere else.

    No ketchup though, ever. People think they are to be eaten with ketchup because they think everything is to be eaten with ketchup. A pasty was actually meant to be eaten as is, with the meat and vegitable juices forming a gravy, but adding additional gravy is acceptable. Ketchup is considered an insult to the cook at many of the better pasty shops.

  3. Sarah says:

    well, all the U.P. people I know eat them with ketchup… I, personally, prefer them plain. You can order some online from the U.P. as well (frozen though). The last time I ate one from Yooperville, it was kinda icky, but maybe it was just a bad batch.

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