Number 404

OK, so birthday went well. Jenn had to leave a little early to get to work on time, and waiter was far below what I believe to be Genji standards, but still all went well. Afterward I just came home and relaxed. When Scott come back in town, me and him will need to go sit at the sushi bar and just order whatever. BTW, spider rolls are good.

I have made some small site updates. There is now a links section toward the bottom of the sidebar. I only have 2, but it’s something. If a link to your blog is there and you would rather it not be, let me know.

Also, I changed the style sheet so that it allows for printing. I had no idea, but if you tried to print it would totally strip the style sheet. Now, it keeps all the styling, but removes the header, footer, and sidebar and sets the content area to 6.5 inches wide to properly fit on a piece of paper. No need to click a special “print friendly” button or anything like that, it just works. Go ahead, choose print preview and check it out.

Next is a new poll. in going through the old comments, a few have no name and I do not recognize the IP address. There were some that were unnamed that I could find an author for, but there are about 5 that I could not, the poll regards those.

Finally, I was down to $1.09 in my NFSN account, which means I went a full year with the site for just about $4.00 in total hosting fees. Compared to when I had .Mac for $99 a year, I am very happy. I added some more funds to my account, even though that last dollar would have lasted me about 3 months.

I think that is all. More when I have it.


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