Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day weekend was, well, uneventful. I made Jenn cornish hen and rice with capeze salad on Thursday, she made me crabcake burgers on Friday, we went to Outback on Saturday, she made tacos on Sunday, and I made my mom bbq chicken breast yesterday. It was all quite good.

I am back to work today, and back to school tomorrow.

Friday Leticia, Matt, Kyle, Jenn and I are going to Genji for my birthday along with anyone else who wants to show up. We were talking at work and decided it would be fun to go, so I sent out an email for anyone else who would like to come to email me ASAP. That was Friday, and I have heard nothing yet. I want to know in time to make reservations, and though it was a holiday weekend, most of us are rather geeky and have nothing better to do than check our email accounts.

This past Friday, the current blog turned 1, as well as being 3 years since I left blogger, which is still serving up those first posts.

OK, that is all.


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