Summer is over, I must return to school.

For the first time in several years, I am honestly a little afraid. I am not sure if because it is my last year of Delta, my Business class, or my Psychology class, but I am.

I am feeling 80% better from sickness. I still cough up various things, but am mostly better.

I was looking for what restaurants give you stuff for your birthday, and found out Taco Bell gives you a free combo meal. I had no idea. Anyone heard of this? I did some searching to verify, but came up with duplicates of the same page.

Not a whole lot has happened otherwise. Was sick, didn’t do much, slept a lot, went to work, slept more, and that has been it.

Oh, Jenn and I were driving down Wilder, and it was raining like all hell yesterday, like an inch in 2 hours. So suddenly, her windshield wipers stop working, and we can barely see. Luckily, the road was nearly flooded so we were only going about 25 mph. So I get the great idea to open the window and reach out to see if its maybe stuck. As I do this, a truck decides we are all pansies and comes flying down the outside lane that is flooded with like 6″ of water going 40 mph…

Remember that part about my window being down?

We were wet.

k, thats all


2 thoughts on “School

  1. Sarah says:

    Dude… being rained upon INSIDE your car is not cool. Hey, are you at Ferris yet or do you still have a semester left back home?

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