White Castle

Alton Brown has a new show on food network in case any of you haven’t seen it yet. It’s called Feasting on Asphalt. He and a camera crew are riding motorcycles across the US over a month, and eating at roadside cafes, restaurants, pubs, bars, drive inns, and diners. So far there have been 2 episodes and I have really been enjoying it. Sadly, it seems it will end after the month, but who knows. It’s on Food Network on Saturday night.

Friday Jenn and I went to the Pig Gig. We were there around 12:30 so admission was free so we were able to spend some cash on food. I had a $6 pork sandwich and her a $5 skewer of overcooked shrimp, plus a $5 lemonade and $3 refill and a $3 french fry. It was all good (except overcooked shrimp), just not worth the money we payed.

Sunday we were going to go to the Fish Sandwich Festival, but since we had little cash after Pig Gig and the bank was closed, we decided to go shopping instead. On the way to Saginaw, we changed out mind and went to Flint instead. First off, to make sure nothing got in the way of it, we went straight to White Castle. We got the 3 burgers, flavored chicken rings (ranch or tobasco, we got ranch) and drink combo, plus an onion chips and a fish sandwich (for Jenn). After eating all that, we went back for 3 jalapeno cheese burgers and 2 more fish sandwiches. I didn’t try the fish, but everything else was good. If I were to return, I would go cheap and just get the regular burgers in a greater quantity perhaps. Chicken rings and onion chips and special burgers are good, but if you can get a $0.54 burger (I think it was anyway, between 51 and 59, the point is cheap), take it. After filling up, we went to the mall and we both found shoes, and they were buy 1 get 1 half off, so we saved some $$. Mine were about a year old, so it was certainly time.

Since I received my pell grant and such, Delta decided I didn’t need work study, so I am waiting for them to process my re-review form and get me set up. If I remain a library employee, I will stay at $5.70 an hour until October 1 when minimum wage rises, then I will go to about $7.50 or so. If, however, I get my workstudy, I go up to $6.50 on August 28, pay no tax, and go up to around $8.30. Now, that probably wont happen, since I doubt the increases will be increases over the new minimum wage equal to the amount over current minimum wage, but it is fun to imagine.

Which leads up to today. I went to the mall with my mom where she got some sandals, and I got a folding rocking camp chair since mine broke the last time we were camping (which we need to do soon). I fixed out doggie door for the second time, had lunch at Kingfisher downtown, and made shrimp, pineapple, and peach skewers with fresh mint, over coconut rice. It was as good as it sounds.

Also today was WWDC 2006. Leopard looks good, what we saw anyway. Mac Pro and XServe updates are cool, but unrealistic for me. Good news is Leopard is supposed to ship come spring, in time to come on my MacBook next summer.

And finally, I think I fixed the display problem. I figured it was CSS related, and just before going in to look over the code I decided to first check that it was still valid, and sure enough it wasn’t. Apparently Safari is more relaxed on validity so I hadn’t really noticed the problem, but Firefox and IE both choke a little on it. As I said, should be OK now, will check at work tomorrow to see for sure.

I suppose that is all.


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