My Grandma

I am sorry for the lack of posts again, but I do, again, have a very good excuse. The update of the weekend will wait for tomorrow, as I feel this post should be on it’s own.

As you know, my grandma was having some health problems. A pain in her right side and shortness of breath. We found out she had a mass in her abdomen as well as 2 aneurysms and a clot. Monday the 10th she was admitted to Covenant for a week where they implanted a filter to block the clot and put her on oxygen, and sent her home to recuperate so they could hopefully perform surgery in a month or 2 to remove the mass. On Monday the 17th she went back to the ER because the pain in her side was worsening and moving down her leg. The sent her home with stronger pain medication that night. Thursday she went to her family doctor who prescribed a still stronger medication.

On Friday, my mom called the doctors office and asked what was going on, and why she kept being sent home when she was in so much pain. They suggested we call as many family members as we could and prepare them for bad news. Saturday and Sunday most of my family arrived in town during which time my Grandma’s health was visibly failing. By Wednesday she was totally unable to walk without help, and by Thursday was in bed and mostly unresponsive. Then, at 11:54 Friday afternoon, she passed away. the mass in her abdomen was cancerous, and was breaking apart into her blood stream, as well as applying heavy pressure to her abdominal aorta and sciatic nerve, causing intense pain and blocking blood flow.

I took Saturday off work to go with my mom to the funeral home and get everything finalized. Her obituary was in yesterday’s Bay City Times and Saginaw News. She will be cremated sometime this week and no service will be held as she requested.

My Uncle Steve and Aunt Donna came in with Danielle, DJ and Patrick, My Uncle John, Cousin Scotty and Jenny (who I haven’t seen in 17 years, nor had grandma), and many family members from Saginaw and Midland area all came by over the week. It is really terrible that it takes such circumstances to bring a family together.

Saturday I took Jenn and we went on a road trip to try and get my mind off it all for a while, but that comes tomorrow. Everyone is gone now and the very eerie realization that I will never see her again is setting in. It really seems like she is just gone to the store and will be back in an hour or something. The one thing I am thankful for is that when I close my eyes I see her as a year ago in good health, and not as she was over the past week.

That’s all for now,

2 thoughts on “My Grandma

  1. Robin says:

    Thank You Nick.
    You accuratley described the events of the last few weeks.
    I agree it is impossible to belive we shall never in our life time see her again.
    I see her sitting on a cloud smiling how all of us workedtogether to make her last days the best for her. God Bless You Mom

  2. Danielle says:

    The description, being nerdy in nature, was good.

    And yes, we’re all going to miss her..

    and Nick, I am so glad that we both can see her when she would sit at that table smoking her cigarettes and offering us pies.

    I kinda wish I woulda not been so worried about getting home, loss of job or not.

    I miss you alot.
    I love you even more.
    I hope you know that somewhere deep in your heart.


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