Revised Mackinac Plan

Yes Scott, I am aware of that. I used a pre-made template for the blog which apparently wasn’t made all that well. I do plan on fixing it, but just haven’t gotten around to it.

On the Mackinac trip, I have decided fall would be a good choice. Expecting to make it by the end of June was rediculous, and July, August, and early September will be too warm most of the time. I figured though that once school started, I wouldn’t be able to though, so was sticking with Summer and becoming discouraged by heat and insects. I checked my schedule tough, and realized I only have class on Monday through Wednesday, no Thursday or Friday classes. So, there is the possibility of leaving Thursday morning and being there by Sunday, and get a ride back. That hives me 3 – 4 days to get there, which should be fine. Yes, I would have to take those days off work, but I would have for a summer trip anyway. So, I figure September is out because I want to get into the groove of school, and later October has hunting, so the last weekend of September or one of first 2 of October will probably be it, depending on school schedule somewhat, as well as the weather.

I have officially applied to and sent my transcript to Ferris. As I said last time, Jenn and I plan to go to Ferris next Monday. Gary, the head of the manufacturing program, said he may be out of town, so I wouldn’t be able to talk to him, and he suggested that I come in the fall to see everything up and running. Still, maybe they will have my application processed and I can talk to someone about how everything will transfer and financial aid and such.

My Grandma should be home from the hospital today. She has been in since Monday.

I think that is all.


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