Happy Belated 4th of July

Sorry for that gap in posts, has been a weird week.

My uncle Steve came in on Friday night (I think was Friday) with my Aunt and DJ and Pat. They just left last night at 12. My grandma is having some health problems and they wanted to come visit and see us all. They are supposedly returning in 2 weeks for the Munger Potato Festival.

Jenn and I went to fireworks all 3 nights. Saturday we went to the middle grounds, then Sunday and Monday we went downtown behind DoubleTree. DoubleTree is definitely the better spot, though if you are in wrong area the bridge can block some of the view. Monday night’s Fireworks were some of the best I have ever seen. I enjoyed the hell out of them. The wind was just right both nights to give us quite a whiff of the gunpowder too. Jenn even got an elephant ear Monday, as she has wanted one since St. Stan’s 2 years ago. it was good, almost worth the $5.

Wednesday at work I almost killed a few people for not knowing the date. Independence Day is actually more often referred to as July 4th or 4th of july, yet these schmucks don’t know the date of the following day? What the hell?

We found out the Beth, my boss, actually knows most of my family. My Uncle John used to hang out with her brother, and through him she met my Mom, and Uncle Steve, and Grandma. I have actually met her brother and parents at Rudy J’s a few times. Beth’s Dad was once a police officer, and was honored Monday as one of the people to organize Bay City’s first fireworks festivals.

I was looking around the online Apple Store, and realized that right now, they have one hell of a deal, if you do it right. If you were to purchase a MacBook, an iPod, Microsoft Office, and a printer, you can save several hundred dollars. On the MacBook, you save $100 just for being a student, then you get a 2GB iPod free, or $179 off any other iPod. Then, even with Office already discounted for students, you save another $50 by rebate. Finally, you save $100 off several different printers, including a nice photo printer with wifi. But… I cant afford anything right now because I bought a car. Besides, I don’t really need it now, not till next fall, so if I wait for next summer when they will probably run nearly the same deals again, I will have a 1 year newer computer, printer, ipod, etc… And maybe there will be an intel native version of Office:Mac then (think Office 2007 is supposed to be native, but that probably won’t be out till March ’07, which would be too late, but we will see).

Uhm, also, Jenn went home for July 4th to see parents and such. I would have gone with, but she stayed night and I had to work Wednesday.

We are working on figuring out when we can go to Ferris. We have 2 possible dates, but I don’t remember them.

OK, that’s enough for now.


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