100,000 Words, Fool!

Lets start with the car. Few days ago I decided to try and accomplish something with it so started with my trunk. The lock is jammed so the key wont work, but the release in the car does work. I lubed it and what not, and even tried disassembling it, but all to no avail. Then I pulled off my door panel to see if the missing speaker left dangling wires that were shorting, in hopes of getting the stereo to stop shutting off. Turns out, no, there weren’t. I did find out how shitty of a job Graff did at attaching my door panel though. Next I tried tightening up my spoiler, and found that of the 4 stud bolts attached to the spoiler and bolted to the trunk lid, 3 were not attached to the spoiler. On top of that, when they came loose the previous owner used a hot glue gun to try securing them. Not only did this not work, but it made for a bigger mess for me to clean before even starting. So, the trunk lock is still jammed, my stereo still shuts off randomly, and my spoiler is now in the trunk and 2 pieces of masking tape cover the bolt holes to keep out water. I am going to pick up some epoxy to reattach the studs, and see if chris can figure something out with stereo.

Powertrain apparently lost 360 some of its 750 employees to the buyout offers. When Scott and I were there, they had 1000 employees. There is a certain, small, chance that they could hire, but the more likely is they will be receiving transfers from plants that are scheduled to close.

The chances of me riding to Mackinaw seem to go down more that up. I realized when we went camping how much of a problem the hills, heat, and bugs may be. I am not saying I wont do it though. I would actually like to do it in say late September, when its cooler and the bugs are gone, but with school and work going on by then I don’t think it would be a possibility. I am afraid of trying it in August or July though.

In a related note, coverage of Tour de France begins on OLN on Saturday, that’s day after tomorrow! It really doesn’t seem like a year. I swear it was mid-July to mid-August, not early to early. Whatever, it here and I can watch it.

We are also down to about a month till Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference. There are already rumors and supposed leaks of Tiger and possible specs of new PowerMacs (“MacPro” is current consensus for new name) and XServes. I almost wonder if it would be more fun to stop reading rumor sites now and wait to get the full surprise, but know it won’t happen.

I do plan to fix the template, since it appears to only display properly in Safari. IE, Firefox for Mac and Windows, and I presume most other browsers do not display it like it should be seen.

And finally, this post brings me to 100,150 words, by current count. That’s not bad.



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