I Got Bawls

So I went to Speedway on Euclid and there they were, so I picked up a pair of sweaty blue bawls and sucked them dry. One Thursday night, and one this morning. It was enjoyable, like sprite, with a hint of ginger ale maybe, and some bits of something else. Too bad the $1.99 price tag.

Something I forgot from camping summary is the lightning bugs that were very prevolant all 3 nights. I think there was something else too, but not remembering it right now.

I am very aware of the need for a new poll, but haven’t come up with one yet. I will try harder I guess.

River Roar and St. Stans are this weekend. Library is quite dead as a result. I dont mind.

My car is being a litlle grumpy right now. Shouldn’t be too big of a thing though, if problem is what I think.

I think that is it for now. Will try for another early in the week.


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