Camping 2006 – 01

So, we are back from camping. We had fun, despite a day of rain. There are no pictures as they would be mostly the same as last years spring trip to Rifle River, though there were 2 times I really wanted camera.

Saturday I got out of work at 1, we left a bit before 4 I think. Jenn got a bike rack so we could take the bikes on her car instead of needing the truck. Once there we set up camp and got a fire going. Ooh, and I got Jolt on the way up, which is hard to find recently. We went for a short bike ride, but not real far. About 4 miles I think. I tried swimming too but it wasn’t particularly warm water. I had McDonalds on the way, but jenn was hungry so made some veggie sausages on the fire.

Sunday it rained almost all day, but we did get breakfast in before it started. Oil works much better than butter, and the food was not as black/brown as last time. After getting sick of sitting around, we drove to West Branch for somethng to do. We ate at Lumberjack’s, which had pretty good food, but our waitress was horrible. On the way back we stopped at the gas station for some ice and other stuff, and what do they have but Jolt. Weird. The rain had let up so we got another fire going and made some chili for dinner, which though vegitarian was pretty good. We forgot to get rid of the tomato an dbean cans though and has a racoon visit just after we went in, but it was gone after about 15 minutes.

Monday (Jenn’s Birthday, I got her a speedometer for bike Friday, but haven’t installed yet) was much nicer. We made breakfast, after which Jenn took a nap while I stripped bark off branches and had fun with the fire. It sprinkled for a while but was gone after not too long. We then decided on a bike ride and set off. We set off down the trails, and found out Lost Lake is lost from itslef, and not visible from the point on the map it claims to be. We then went further along to the south-most point in the park and looped back up. When we got to the road we had a break, and decided I would continue the trail and Jenn was going to take the road back. I think I had the better choice. I went over the Rifle River, saw a stand of all white birch and fern, no oak or pine at all (pic moment 1) and was stopped by a porcupine (moment 2). I came along it as it was either crossing or shortly following the trail, and spooked it so it turned around and balled up. I tried to encourage it to move, as it was blocking the only 18″ wide trail, but just sat there. I had just grabbed a stick to toss near it to try getting it moving when it turned around with a very cute fuzzy-woodland-creature look and then moved just off the trail so I could pass. I honestly thought it was a skunk at first, as I just saw black and white and kinda freaked. Anyway, I made it back and Jenn and I cooked up hot dogs with macaroni salad we had bought earlier in the day and made a big fire for the night.

Finally, this morning, we woke up, packed, and came home. We unloaded all my stuff first, then she headed home and we got showered and cleaned up. When I had all my stuff away I went to her appartment to help unpack and get her stuff taken care of. Just after we finished, about 4, Beth called to ask if I could work tonight, and agreed, so I am at work now from 5 – 9. I didn’t realize until about 10 minutes later that I work at 8″15 tomorrow, and haven’t had a lot of sleep recently, but oh well. She did made it to Yax out of 9 tech pages, and its just 1 day, so I will be fine. Besides, I already made it to 8.

So, thats how things have gone.

Note: Jolt Cola: ehh, Jolt Blue: yum.
Jolt Red, Jolt Green, and Bawls: awaiting judgement.

OK, thats all for now.


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