New Car

I own a car! And, unlike yesterday when I bought it, I even have it now. It is a 1999 Plymouth Neon Expresso, with a mere 161,000 miles on it. Yeah, that is really high milage for a 99, but I only paid $999 for it (just under $1300 with tax, title, etc…). The air conditioner seems to be broken, the radio will randomly shut off, and the sun roof doesn’t open, but since I only paid about $1000 I can afford to fix that. Cosmetically, it is very good inside and out. I am happy with it, as long as I don’t run into any mechanical issues. And best of all, it is MY car in MY name.

So, other than that, I work at 9 tomorrow morning after 3 8:30s in a row. Today we had a staff meeting and I worked Dave’s shift so he would pick up the second half of mine tomorrow and I can leave camping earlier.

We are actually a little unsure where we are going still, but 90% on Rifle River. We will return Tuesday at some point.

I received some of my financial aid today, 2 months ahead of normal. Federal only, no state yet, which will include my work-study.

Uhm… I guess that’s it. I got pictures from the wedding, but not digitals, so will be a bit to get them up. Actually, I have all the old pics still to get up.

OK, that is all.


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