So we are back from the wedding and it all went well. The reception was nice. Jenn made me dance. Food was pretty good. Jenn’s Mom got pictures so will try and get them up as soon as I can get them from her.

We are going camping next week. We are thinking will leave when I get out of work Saturday and return Tuesday afternoon. Not totally sure where yet, have some ideas though. I want to go to Hartwick Pines, but they are a little expensive at $25 a night. I am hoping for somewhere under $18 or so. The fallback is, or course, Rifle River, since we know they are cheap and nice. Will see what I find though.

Yesterday and today I cleaned out the shed and got everything organized in it. Hasn’t been done since we moved it and everything went flying all over.

OK, that’s all I have for now. Later…


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