So, I am sitting in our room in Gaylord, at the Baymont Inn. We just returned from the wedding and are going to head to the reception soon. Jenn looked very nice and I should have some pics in a week or so. We forgot Jenn’s camera at her appt., and Jenn’s mom forgot hers here at the hotel, but will get some pics at the reception.

Yesterday we went to Jay’s and there was far too much that I wanted, but I resisted and didn’t buy anything. This morning I went for a walk and stopped in the local bike shop to waste some time. They had some very nice Cannondales. I also window browsed at the local computer shop and they have a MacBook in there. Wow it’s nice looking. Smaller than mine, but widescreen. I want.

OK, I am off, maybe a further update later tonight.


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