Another Ride

So I went on an 18 mile ride today (17.98 actually) to I don’t know where. i was just going here and there, kinda to Delta but then not. On my way down Hotchkiss I decided it was kind of windy so I turned around and went back some and ended up going down 2 mile further than I knew it went. I ended up on the corner of Venoy and Crane when I decided to turn around and head home. As I said, it was about 18 miles round trip. Back here, I looked up my approximate route on Google Maps and tried to figure out where I was. If I had crossed the overpass I was at (I acually did go to the top of the overpass, but didn’t continue), and gone 1/2 mile down to Michigan, a 1/4 mile to pierce, then a 1/2 mile over to Davis, I would have been at SVSU. So since my goal of Delta turned out to be underestimated, and then given up on because of wind, I actually ended up with an unintentional goal of a different college that worked out OK. I did have some issues with lack of paved roads and loosing motivation because I wasn’t sure where the hell I was.

Speaking of which, tomorrow is 6/6/06, so Hell, MI is throwing a big celebration. They won’t get to have fun like this again until 6/6/2106.

Back to the trip, I saw like 15 carp sitting in Sasquanning Creek where I crossed it, just sitting there. I also saw a deer. I looked over, saw it, and yelled “Hi deer!” and it just stood there starring, then went back to eating grass.

Anyway, I grilled some hot dogs for dinner, and made some chili cheese fries, and that was my day. Rather enjoyable. I will do something else fun next week.


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