Jenn has Troubles

I went 10 miles today. Not much, but tomorrow should be nice, so can go for more.

Beginning this week I switch to Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday. Not really though, because I have Saturday off to go to Jenn’s cousin’s wedding.

Jenn’s computer is quasi-dead right now. The backlight isn’t working. Also, her dad is in the hospital down in Ann Arbor with heart trouble. Jenn spent the weekend down there with him and her mom, but came back yesterday because she works tonight and tomorrow.

Tour de France begins July 1st on OLN (channel 36 here). Runs for about 3 weeks. Watch it, it’s good.

That’s all for now though, will update before I leave Friday for sure, possible tomorrow night if I ride anywhere good. Also, hotel has wireless so I may update while in Gaylord.


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