Ha Ha

So, I didn’t post on the blogversary, oh well. I really don’t mind.

Today, er Saturday, I got the doggie door installed after a mere 6 months, and took the Blazer back to my dad. Then I went with Dan, Dave, Matt, Kyle, Jeremy, Dan’s girlfriend, and 2 of Dave’s friends to Ruby Tuesday at 7, then X-Men 3 at 8:45, then Dave, Dan, Matt, Dan’s girlfriend, Jeremy and I went to Jeremy’s for a while. I just got home about 30 minutes ago.

X-Men 3 was good, plenty of action and humor, though had some disappointing parts.

I have been working on re-categorizing the iBlog posts. I also added the “Outdoor” category. I am going slow on and off, but I am doing it.

I need to go camping soon. Jenn and I’s schedules don’t match up real well though. Hopefully her June schedule will look better.

I will be working Wednesday mornings instead of Friday afternoon beginning week after next.

OK, I suppose that is all for now. See you all later and enjoy your Memorial Day.


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