the Thing

This is post number 375. I was going to wait and post it on Saturday (the anniversary) and make is 3002 words long so I get 3 years, 375 posts, and 100,000 words all at once, but decided no.

Yesterday Jenn wanted to go for a bike ride, but wanted to go somewhere fun. So, we headed downtown and she asked if we could go into the museum and walk around. Next we went along the river to the waterfall park, but it wasn’t running. It is cool, I saw it working on my ride with Todd last Wednesday. I was dissapointed it doesn’t go into river though. Next we went to Bay City Car Company (I think thats name, is on 2nd and Water) which was open unlike when Todd and I went at 8pm. They have a 1974 VW Thing for just $8800. If it had windows, I would highly consider it. Also, a 1950s Mercedes Benz for just $400,000, or $11,000 a month (about, was actually higher, but I dont want to exagerate). We then headed to her house, and returned by car to the Kingfisher, since it smelled so good.

Other than that not alot exciting.

I missed Scott twice now, very sad.

Jenn, Todd, and I, and who knows who else, are going to the school bus figure 8s next friday at Dixie.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend, and I WILL post on Saturday.


One thought on “the Thing

  1. Jenn says:

    The Mercedes was actually 600,000. If you figure out that payments are about 11,000 for a five year loan, that means you are pay approximately 60,000 in interest or 1,000 of each payment is interest.

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