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In the last post, I forgot to mention that Jenn made some very good mexican food on Saturday. Chili rellenos, tacos, and corn fritters, yum.

I got The Radioactive Boy Scout from the library, is a good read so far. When I return it, you should maybe try it. Need to request from Auburn or Pinconning, but only takes 2 days.

Apple released the updated iBooks yesterday, now the MacBook. Available in white or black, though black costs a premium of about $155, not sure why. I am a little disappointed that there is on aluminum “Pro” version, and quite disappointed at the Intel integrated graphics rather than a dedicated card. Other than that, they are nice laptops. Finally a 13″ widescreen, finally support for extended displays (so an external monitor will display an image other than what’s on the laptop display, as mine does), as well as audio in and gigabit ethernet. When I buy my laptop for ferris, I will likely be picking one up.

I have reviewed some of my summer goals, and have come to the conclusion that 3 of them need some changes. First, building a kayak/canoe isn’t very realistic. I have nowhere to store and no way to haul such a thing at this time. At some other point in my life, I may reconsider, but for now it is a no go. Secondly, making a hammock was to be done do to the cost of buying one, and the good folks at campmor have several that are very affordable. Besides, I don’t have much of a place in the backyard for one. Thirdly, the Mackinac trip will be delayed some, as it is unrealistic to think I can be ready by late June, only 1 month away now. This is partly due to me being over eager in planning, partly because of a week straight of rain, and partly because I don’t have and can’t yet afford some semi-crucial gear (namely panniers).

I have not yet made it to State Park, though yesterday and today both presented excellent opportunities. I am getting lazy and need to kick myself out of it. I am going on a ride with Todd later today down the river walk though.

OK, thats all for now.


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