Speedy Delivery

Jenn was nice enough to leave me her power adaptor for the night, since she is working anyway. I just checked my order status at the Apple Store and they say the package was shipped earlier today. FedEx says on their tracking page that estimated delivery will be Friday, much sooner than next Wednesday, so that is nice. I kinda figured by Friday, from past experiences.

So, I have a computer for the night and am therefore going to watch HellBoy, as my iBook is the only working DVD player in the house right now. All the others crapped out (PS2 doesn’t like newer movies, and DVD player downstairs seems to have taken a big shit all over itself or something).

I haven’t made it to Bay City State Park yet, and with work and talk of rain I might not this week. We will see though, I do have Friday morning.

So, there is tonight’s mini update to this afternoon’s update.


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