I was sitting there using my computer, and I realized the light on my power cable that is usually green, was not on. This would imply that the computer was not charging. After fiddling around with the cable, trying other plugs, and various other things, I wound up ordering a new cable from Apple for $75 after tax and what not. Not something I wanted to do, but I seem to have no choice.

So, I will not be online for a while, since the adapter is not scheduled to arrive until next Wednesday by Apple’s estimate, and I have 2:05 in computing time in my battery by my iBook’s estimate. Although, I can always go see Jenn and use her charger.

So, I will see you around, and this will probably be the last blog post until I get the power adaptor in, unless something really cool happens or I am bored at work in the next 3 days.


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