About The Weekend

Over the weekend I rode my bike to work Friday and Saturday. It’s about 4 miles round trip, not much but something. I also rode from Jenn’s to home and back today. I hope to make it to state park and back one day this week.

I got a response from my QA professor that I will get an A in the class, but it is not yet on my report card. Regaurdless, I get Dean’s list for this semester. I was hoping for vice-president’s list again, but oh well, its something.

I do not have to work tomorrow, because we are begining the new schedule this week. I will, as already posted a week or two ago, be working the following schedule henceforth:

Thursday: 9 – 5
Friday: 12 – 5
Saturday: 9 – 5

I am suppsed to work at 8:30 either Thursday or Saturday, I don’t remember which. Anyway, I like that they are close to each other, but don’t particularly like waking up so early. Maybe it will get me up early on some of the other days to get some biking in before it gets really warm out.

OK, see you all later.

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