I got my grades (most of them anyway) and they are as follows:

Speech A-
Electronics A
Machining B-
QA ?

For whatever reason, the QA grade isn’t on my report card or my transcript. The most obvious reason is that it was submitted late, but the class actually ended a week before any of my others, so that is kinda strange.

In other news, I went with Jenn yesterday to take her cousin to Flint Bishop airport, after which we tried to find White Castle, but were looking on Miller and it is apparently on Coruna. I also got some goodies for my bike in the form of a new lock (I somehow lost mine) and a new rear rack.

That is all for now I believe.


One thought on “Grades

  1. Cindy Zieve says:

    Congratulations on the great grades!

    Is Ferris still happening in the fall?

    I loved living in Big Rapids after college when I took my first reporting job at The Big Rapids Pioneer. There were a lot of great little fishing lakes and it was a pretty fast trip to Grand Rapids for a day’s get-away to a larger city.

    You’ll love it.

    Cindy Z.

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