Almost Done

Yesterday I turned in the last 2 chapters as well as the exam for my QA-244 class, and gave my final presentation for my CAD-226 class. Next Tuesday I give my final speech for SPH-112. That will pretty much end the semester. It is becoming exciting.

Friday we are having a staff meeting at work and will be discussing summer schedules. Since I decided on not taking summer classes, I will only have work over the summer, but have to be hired directly by the library rather than work-study. This is good and bad, I will have to pay taxes (bad), but will get refund, (good), but will be able to work more hours (good), and don’t need to worry about class, homework, and work, just work (good). I guess 3 to 1 makes it overall good. Ehh, 3 to 2, I will need to take the class during fall semester.

Jenn and I were on Bed Bath and Beyond last night, and I realized I was staring at bedding sets not as they were, but as website color schemes. I immediately realized the over-geekyness and stopped though.


I guess that’s it.


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