Summer is Coming

Wow, barely a week. Sadly, thats good for me recently.

Today I did 2 assignments for my QA class and printed out a bunch of stuff for my public speaking assignment. In all I did about 6 solid hours of homework today. It was nice out too, I would have loved a bike ride, but that’s what procrastinators get.

I have been thinking over some summer accomplishments I went to do, and here is the current list.

  • Clean my room (lets just say the blog isn’t the only thing I’ve been slacking on)
  • Ride bike to Rose City (to camp at RRRA) in prep for…
  • Ride bike to Mackinaw (yes, seriously, like 180 miles)
  • Get some reading in
  • Catch a fish
  • Visit Ferris

I think that would make for one hell of a summer, yes?

Really, I have been thinking it over, looking into it, and I really think the Mackinaw ride is a serious possibility. It would require like a week off work, and a lot of biking in spare time to build up endurance, and some real planning, but it can be done. Dave (from the library) has mentioned a desire to perhaps come, but I am up in the air about companions. On the one hand, it could be more fun, and probably a little safer. On the other though, his foot is broken, nobody else has offered, and I would be slightly pissed if I didn’t make it because my companion crapped out (not saying he would, just hypothetical, like the safety part).

Like I said though, Rose City first. Jenn can take supplies in her car and I can ride just to get some endurance riding in. RRRA (which is in Lupton, actually) is about 70 miles, less than half the way to Mackinac (which is only 180 miles I just found out, somehow was in my mind is 300, but actually 3 hour drive). Anyway, 70 miles is certainly doable in a day, in a mere 5 – 7 hours.

And like I said, I need to catch a fish. Last year I caught one, but didn’t land it. I need to catch, land, and decide if I will keep or release the fish, at least 3 times.

The Ferris thing could actually get turned into a bike trip too, or could be put off till fall, unsure for now.

Ok, that’s all for now.

Three weeks till school is over, then I should be able to start getting stuff done, and get back to blogging normally :).

One thought on “Summer is Coming

  1. SB says:

    Dude, if you have any questions about Ferris junk, just let me know. I’ll probably be in the Big Rapids area a bunch this summer in case you’d like the tour from someone who’ll let you know what it’s really about.

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