April Fools

No, I’m not going to write some farce in trickery, I just need to update, and it happens to be today.

Today is also, btw, Apple’s 30th Birthday.

Tuesday I skipped speech, and half of electronics. It was really nice out and I decided I should have a day off, since I was sick through spring break. I went down to the end of Johnson and explored the bit of trails hidden there and shopped a bit at Meijer, then drove around with the windows down for a bit. Then some homework to make it all even out. It was quite nice out the past few days. Kinda cool and wet today, but better than winter.

School is coming closer to a close, which means an increase in final projects and such, which I am not appreciating.

I did a little biking Wednesday, 5.5 miles. I was a little tired when I left so not that far, I know, but is a start. I really really want to do more biking this summer.

So, that’s about it for now. I will try and be back within a week.


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