I was just thinking, “I should probably blog”. Thirteen days, yup, should probably blog.


Jenn bought a new bike on Thursday. A 2005 Trek 3700. Is a nice bike, and she seems very happy with it.

Tuesday I gave my “the History of G” speech. Grade will come next week.

Tuesday before, I went out to the Lake Huron Area Council BSA office and bought a Midland – Mackinaw Trail map. I don’t know that I will ever use it, but who knows.

We had a staff meeting this morning. Nothing too fun though.

I think after this semester ends, I will have time to do stuff more and the blog will return to a bit more normal. I am sorry that I let it go 1 and 2 weeks post less. I used to see other people do that and promise I would never do that on my blog. I am disappointed in myself, and you should be too. Oh well, nothing I can do about it now.


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