Belgian Fries, Yum!

“Cultural” food is a strange thing, mostly because they tend not to be very cultural. Take french fries, invented in Belgium. So when we get mad at the French, we rename them, but not to the correct Belgian Fries, no, we call them Freedom Fries, because American Fries are something else (Irish perhaps). Then, we have the french style green bean. You think french people slice their green beans up like that? I doubt it, nobody in teir right mind would. Their green beans, they fit in your mouth whole, maybe snap them in half. Crazy people.

So, I read my email when I got to work today, and found out the Alex Izzykowsy will be in front of the library tomorrow giving a speech and recieving commendations from the city and county. All well and good for him, but I don’t see why they have to have it in front of the library where I work and bring 15,000 people along. April 8th will be nice too, with the official grang opening cerimonies from 1 – 5. I work that day, 1 – 5 by the way. I have to say, I really did prefer the 2 weeks I was here setting up computers and there were no patrons. Mostly I prefered setting up computers and doing stuff, but after 15,000 tomorrow, it will be alot of the no patrons too.

So, I guess that’s all.

Scott joined Navy, going to 2 month boot camp, then 18 month nuclear school, 6 year enlistment, by the way.

OK, later.


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