You Must Be This Beautiful to Ride the Quagmire

Well, it is certainly different at the new library. Keeping track of 20 people rather than 10 takes some getting used to. If you get bored though, don’t hesitate to stop by. I’m sure you can find my work schedule somewhere on here.

Google seems to have stalled at 28 pages. It hasn’t added any more in over a week now. Oh well. I guess I need to go back to trying to get more incoming and outgoing links. What’s funny though, is if you go to, they have every post I have made on WordPress, but search only lists like last 10.

I watched Doom last night, or early this morning I guess. Very good movie. On the cheesy side, for sure, but very good. The FPS scene, in any other movie, would be cheesy as hell, but almost works since movie is, after all, based on a FPS (First Person Shooter). Also, the Rock saying “I’m not supposed to die!”. Yeah, cheesy. He is the Rock though, he isn’t supposed to die.

Ferris has me a little upset because they wont take my Mythology class, so I need to find 4 Cultural Enrichment courses, 1 at 2xx level or higher. Yeah, there are lots of classes that meet that. I guess 1 2xx and 1 anything, unless I can find a class that transfers as a 4 credit 2xx. I am looking at Photography, which is a 3 cr 1xx, but that leaves 1 credit of 2xx. Maybe Engineering Ethics, which is in fact 1 credit of 2xx, but takes 3 hours a week. Or, I can fait till I transfer and take japanese. Ferris credits are like 3x more money than Delta’s though. Sucks either way.

By the way, how do they doop us into sitting in a 1 credit class for 3 hours? Or a 5 credit for 8? I mean, sure, I would rather pay the 1 credit fee than for all 3 hours, but still. I would MUCH rather just pay for 1 hour and only go for 1 hour.

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