This post is filed under Special, because it is my 350th, as well as following story.

Friday morning I was called by Jenn at about 7 AM to let me know she banged up her car, but was alright. About 4 she called to tell me to look out the window at the car she was test driving, because the damage to her car was around $8000 for body work alone, plus wheel alignment, possibly new rims, and who knows what else. Since her car bluebooks for around $5500 max, it just wasn’t worth fixing. So, tomorrow, she picks up her new car.

As I understand it, and it may not be perfectly correct, she was coming off I-75 North on the ramp to I-675 south and started to slide ( it had snowed that night, if you recall). She spun around in a 180, smucked the front drivers side of her car into the guard rail, bounced off, then smucked the rear drivers side and came to a stop. She is alright though, a bruise on her side from the door handle and a bit sore, but OK.

Other than that, not a whole lot. I worked friday, but got Saturday off. Today was spent catching up on some homework, and tomorrow I work again. Tuesday will be the presentation of speech 2, as well as an electronics test, but those are every Tuesday. Wednesday, I have off, and no plans for yet.

I guess that’s all.


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