Interesting Developments

So, I went to go see the advisor from Ferris on Monday, and in typical incompetent counselor fashion, the guy was a criminal justice only advisor from the Saginaw extension, and has been to Ferris main campus few times. Would have been nice if Delta told me that ahead of time. But, I found out just after Monday blog that the head of Manufacturing was coming to Delta on Tuesday, so I was slightly appeased.

The tuesday meeting went much better. I found out there is a max of 25 people admitted each year, there is a decently good chance at scholarships, there is an internship during summer that averages $10 an hour, and other useful stuff. He managed to answer most of my questions, but I still have some on housing and financial aid.

Today, I worked at Wirt again. A lot has changed since last week. I set up more computers, and a printer, and they all went downstairs, and they were sitting upstairs, so that made for fun. It is looking really nice though. It is supposed to open next Tuesday, though there will be a few things not totally finished yet at that time. At least all the floors are done now.

Uhm… So I guess that’s it. Lunch tomorrow with Scott. Not a whole lot else.

See you all later I suppose.


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